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Why should you choose DJ Khur Lee for your wedding in Scottsdale?

Professional Sound

We have the experience to provide you with top of the line sound on your wedding day. From your isle song to your first dance.

Wedding Experience

DJ Khur Lee has the wedding experience to make your wedding day the most memorable event of your life. With a flawless reputation you can trust this wedding DJ

top of the line equipment

We can provide all you wedding DJ Equipment needs. From mild sound to full light shows, bubbles and flames. This

About DJ Khur Lee

DJ Khur Lee, Scottsdales #1 Wedding DJ
Scottsdales #1 choice for all wedding sound and ceremonies

Dj Khur Lee has over 20 years of Dj experience in all types of setting and venues. Over the years Khur Lee has DJ’d for the likes of Ed Hardy, RedBull, UFC Contender Diego Sanchez, and Elektra Records Recording Artist Knoc’turnal. Khur Lee has quickly become a crowd favorite with his ability to jump genres proficiently, entitling the slogan “Who’s Your Favorite DJ.” Dj Khur Lee quickly learned that he had a knack for running weddings. The ability to make someones special day that they would remember for the rest of their lives is what really pulled him into his own. DJ Khur Lee can please your entire family from the bride and groom to kids and elderly

  • Music Selection

    Dj Khur Lee has something for everyone

  • Professionalism

    Years of experience givee Dj Khur Lee the edge you need

  • mixing

    Dj Khur lee can take the songs you love and make them into something special

  • equipment

    Top of the line professional Dj Equipment


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