Things to Look For When Hiring A Wedding DJ

Getting married is once in a lifetime experience. It’s a very special day every girl has dreamt of since we

were little. For that very special day, we want perfection.

Music is a crucial aspect of a wedding. Many parts of a wedding reception literally depend on the music.

In addition to making our moments memorable, music is vital to make the reception party fun and alive.

We want people to enjoy themselves and have fun at our party.

When it comes to choosing a music performer, people have different preferences. Some people like to

band because they think a live band makes a party more alive and they can choose the band to play

according to their favorite type of music. Some, however, prefer a DJ because then, we can choose

whatever song we want. DJ also has it perks over a band because DJ requires less space, less equipment


Choosing the DJ We Want

Just like other aspects of our wedding, choosing a DJ can be complicated. Playing a music in our wedding

requires a lot of thoughts and preparations. Every DJ is different. A so-called famous DJ won’t

necessarily a good one for our wedding.

There are things we need to consider before choosing the DJ for our special day.

1. Whether they are their events specialty.

It is important for us to know what the DJ specialty is. Some DJ plays various kind of events and

some playing for wedding only. Knowing what kind of Dj he/she is, will give us an insight of what

our party might feel like. DJ who plays at various events also have experiences with the various

crowd, which means, they have more experience in dealing with tough, hard to please people.

Though, their event specialty will not necessarily make them better or worse.

2. What are their previous experiences like?

By asking them about their previous wedding gig, we will have a closer look on how the DJ

prepares him/herself for the gig. How they get to know the couple, how they handle the

reception. Be aware of those DJ who like to trash talk their previous client. If they can talk bad

about others, there is a chance, they might trash talk us to others as well.

3. How they manage the song selection, how they customize them.

No wedding party’s song selection is exactly the same. We want our song selection to be about

us and our partner. We want the DJ to not just play songs (or else, we just plug in our iPod

instead of hiring a performer), but also to be able to tell our story by music. We also don’t want

to get stuck making the list. So we want a DJ who’s able to understand our story and able to

make a song selection just by some exemplary songs we provide.

4. What other services they offer.

If you want to just listen to the DJ play is fine. But many would also like some extras, such as a

video or photo slides to be played during the reception. Many DJs actually provide this stuff. So,

if we want to have some old videos being played, we might want to hire the right DJ who can

provide the video screen. Some DJs also provide lighting. Lighting can affect the mood in a party.

With the right music and a nice lighting, our wedding reception can be the party of the year.

5. How good their equipment is.

The quality of the sound made by the DJ will depend on a lot of their equipment. Even if the DJ

is great at mixing songs, it won’t do no good if the guests at the back can’t hear them.

Professional DJs usually have good quality equipment. But it doesn’t hurt if we can check their

equipment by asking them to play a little. It is also necessary to check if the DJ’s equipment can

work well in our venue. So, ask the DJ if they have played at our venue, or ask them to check our

venue so they can make an adjustment if needed.