Perks of choosing a DJ over a wedding band

Our wedding is the day when we can be the queen and king for a day because let’s face it, it’s OUR day.

On this special day, we want everything to be perfect. We want the best wedding dress, the best tuxedo,

the best food, and most certainly, we want the guests to come home and still remember our party for

the next years.

Having the right music is one way to make a fun party. Whatever theme we have for our wedding

reception will be ruined when we choose the wrong performer, or the performer chooses the wrong

songs to play.

There are two kinds of performers usually chosen at weddings: a live band and a DJ. A live band is great

when we already know what kind of music we want to be played at the party or what band we’d like to

perform. But, if we have a varied taste in music or we don’t know what kind of music we want to be

played, a DJ is definitely a better choice.

Hiring a Professional DJ

Because of the importance of a wedding, hiring a performer is not merely inviting a bunch of strangers

to our wedding to play the saxophone. A good performer will make the wedding better or worse.

There are perks of hiring a professional DJ rather than other types of performer for our wedding:

1. A DJ can really get the party started.

Every professional performer can usually pump a crowd. But a DJ will take it to the next level. DJ

can play any type of music, from a slow music for our first dance to a fast swing music which is

great for crowd dance. A professional wedding DJ will know exactly when to play what song. So,

we don’t have to worry whether our guests enjoy the party or not, because they certainly will.

2. A DJ can make our personal song selection.

Not only playing and mixing songs special for us, a professional wedding DJ will be able to make

personal song selection based on our story and taste of music. The very first thing a DJ usually

do once hired is to ask the couple their love story and songs they like. With this information, the

DJ can make a song selection for the couple. Even when the song selection is done and we don’t

like the list or we want some songs to be added, the DJ will certainly revise the list for us. So, we

basically don’t have to be busy with preparing songs for the reception on top of preparing other

stuff too.

3. Their professional equipment will make the best sound.

Good music equipment means a great sound. This is why it’s important to make sure that the DJ

we hire will also have all the equipment he/she needs. A wedding is so stressful. We don’t need

to be stressed out about music equipment as well. It has to be noted though that some good

equipment won’t work as good in every different type of venue. So, besides making sure the

equipment is of good quality, we also have to make sure the equipment can work well in our

venue. A professional Dj will have no hesitation of checking our venue out to make sure their

equipment’s setting will work well on our venue.

Other than musical equipment, we would also love it if the DJ can provide another service such

as lighting and or video screen. Lighting is great to make our party more alive. A right choice of

lighting will enhance the mood we’re aiming for with certain song. For example, the song of the

first dance is usually a slow song. A natural, calm lighting will enhance the romantic mood we

want for our first dance. While for fast dances, we wouldn’t mind if the lighting setting is dark

and fierce, which will make the guests want to move more. A video screen needs if we want to

play videos or photos slide to show people during the reception. A DJ who can provide us with

all these equipment has a plus point we need to strongly consider.